Volumizing Shampoos

Bump Up Your Hair’s Volume Without the Harsh Chemicals

Many hair products on the market are filled with damaging chemicals. As a result, your hair and scalp can suffer from dryness, breakage, and itching. Traditional volumizing hair products use harsh chemicals to add fullness to your locks. Now you can achieve voluminous hair with a gentle volumizing shampoo

Why Volumizing Products Damage Your Hair

Most existing volumizing hair products take a harsh approach to increasing volume. They contain ingredients that raise your hair cuticles, stripping away essential moisture. This has long-term consequences for your hair health. 

Harsh chemicals in volumizing hair products can lead to severe split ends, scalp dryness, and brittle hair. These products may increase volume, but the damage they cause is not worth it in the long run. 


Sulfates are compounds in shampoo that create lather and clean your hair. They are considered some of the best cleansing agents in hair products. However, sulfates can be extremely damaging to your hair and scalp. 

People with sensitive skin and dry hair may notice flaking, itching, and dryness after using sulfate shampoos. Many volumizing shampoos on the market contain strong sulfates that damage your hair cuticles. 

You don’t need a shampoo with sulfates to effectively cleanse your hair of dirt and oil. These cleansing agents are far too harsh for your hair and scalp. Avoid volumizing shampoos that contain sulfates to improve your hair health. Weightless sulfate free shampoo is better for your hair. 

Sodium Chloride

Table salt, properly named sodium chloride, is added to most hair products to thicken the consistency. However, in large amounts, salt can dry your hair and scalp. Sodium chloride is a cheap additive that many companies use as a shortcut to curating the perfect product texture. This is not good for your hair or scalp in the long run. 


Parabens are preservatives used to fight off bacteria, mold, and other harmful growths in cosmetic products. The problem with parabens is that they are cheap and potentially harmful to human health. In some countries, parabens are banned from all cosmetic products. While the United States has not followed suit yet, there is a lot of evidence that should discourage you from using parabens in your hair products. 

Unbalanced pH

Most volumizing shampoos are too alkaline for your hair and scalp. Your hair is healthiest at a pH level between 4.5 and 5.5. Alkaline substances have a pH greater than 7.

When your shampoo disrupts your hair’s pH balance, you can experience breakage and dryness. Using alkaline volumizing shampoos throws off the delicate balance your hair and scalp need to thrive.

Opt for a pH balanced volumizing shampoo instead. This will keep your scalp in ideal condition to support healthy, voluminous hair growth. 


Silicone is used in shampoos to smooth frizzy hair and create a silky hair texture. However, for fine or thin hair, silicone’s smoothing benefits can prevent you from achieving the volume you want. 

Silicone-free volume shampoo is more effective at volumizing your hair. Gentle volumizing shampoo has all the benefits for volume without weighing down your hair or causing product buildup. 

Proteins in Volumizing Shampoos

Many volumizing shampoos use hydrolyzed wheat protein. These proteins are supposed to add fullness to your hair and create a glossy appearance. Many brands use hydrolyzed wheat protein in volumizing products.

Protein molecules are too large to pass through your hair shaft alone, so hydrolysis breaks them into absorbable sizes. These protein molecules then repair damaged cells in your hair shafts.

While hydrolyzed wheat protein is considered to be the go-to protein in the hair industry, there is a more effective compound that is also gluten-free.

The Better Alternative

Protein volume shampoos that contain hydrolyzed rice protein are far more effective at volumizing hair. This type of protein has been shown to increase hair volume by 12.3% after just one wash. Gentle volumizing shampoos that contain hydrolyzed rice protein provide more volume than the standard hydrolyzed wheat protein found in most shampoos.

In a clinical study done by Tri-K, 1% hydrolyzed rice protein showed a 13.1% increase in volume after five washes, which is the average amount of hair washes a person goes through in a week. These results were compared to a placebo group, furthering the credibility of this study. 

Gluten-Free Volumizing Shampoo
It’s safe to say that hydrolyzed rice protein has the advantage when it comes to gentle volumizing shampoo. But how exactly does it achieve these impressive voluminous hair results?

Hydrolyzed rice protein contains both positively and negatively charged molecules. Hair is negatively charged, so the positively charged proteins easily bond to the hair structure. The remaining negatively charged molecules repel each other to create a volumizing effect.

Gluten-Free Shampoo for Fine Hair

Even if you do not have Celiac disease, you could benefit from a gluten free shampoo for fine hair. When your hair strands are finer, meaning they are thinner in diameter, they can become damaged by gluten ingredients. Gluten can also be a skin irritant and cause skin conditions to flare up.

Of course, people with Celiac disease may find more peace of mind using gluten-free shampoo. Although you don’t eat shampoo, your skin is highly absorbent. Gluten ingredients could still cause irritation and unpleasant symptoms in individuals with Celiac disease.

To achieve voluminous hair, you don’t have to suffer from dry, irritated skin. High-quality, gentle volumizing shampoos will provide the same volumizing effect without the irritants and discomfort.

Aloe Based Volume Shampoo

Aloe vera is used for a variety of products in different industries. However, not many people know about aloe's benefits for your hair. Aloe vera is chemically similar to keratin, a protein used to repair damaged hair strands.

Aloe can rejuvenate your hair by giving it more elasticity. This makes it more difficult for your hair to break, split, and become damaged. The healthier your hair is overall, the easier it will be for gentle volumizing shampoo to add volume to your hair.

Aloe vera also helps relieve dandruff and itchiness on your scalp. The soothing properties of aloe are used in some cosmetic and medical products. If you suffer from inflammation and an irritated scalp, aloe based volume shampoo could help.

Another benefit to aloe in shampoo is that it smooths frizziness and adds a healthy-looking shine to your hair. These are all desirable hair qualities that gentle volumizing shampoo with aloe vera can give you. 

The Importance of Clean Shampoo Ingredients

You might be wondering if it is really necessary to avoid all of these irritating shampoo ingredients. Your hair might seem just fine using mainstream hair products. However, the impact of harsh chemicals found in most shampoos extends beyond your hair health.

Environmental Impact

Some of the chemicals in mainstream hair products pollute the environment. This can lead to poisonous water conditions for marine life, contaminated drinking water, and soil toxicity. It may not seem like a big deal, but these environmental problems are becoming more common over time.

Environmental pollution harms everyone. As the natural balance of the Earth’s gasses, wildlife, and bodies of water becomes skewed, humans pay the price. It is best to shop for beauty products with clean ingredients.

Color Protection

If you have dyed hair, you may notice that mainstream hair products leach the color from your locks. After you dye your hair, this can happen rather quickly. Harsh cleaning agents and other damaging chemicals strip the color from your hair, making it harder to maintain.

Clean, gentle volumizing shampoo is color-safe. These shampoos don’t contain color-stripping ingredients. Enjoy your beautiful hair color while reaping the benefits of clean shampoo ingredients.

Improved Hair Growth

Harsh chemical ingredients in shampoo can suffocate your hair follicles, blocking the growth of your hair. If you want longer, healthier locks, clean shampoo ingredients are essential.

Natural plant-based ingredients give your hair the nourishment to grow longer and healthier. Clean shampoos also protect against hair breakage, which shortens your hair length.


Most clean beauty brands are vegan and cruelty-free. Vegan products do not contain any ingredients derived from animals or animal products. Cruelty-free products are not tested on animals—a common practice the cosmetic industry inflicts on lab animals.

Your moral compass is the most important factor in deciding which hair products to buy. When it comes to animal rights, cruelty-free and vegan products are the way to go. Companies don’t need animal testing to ensure the safety and usefulness of hair products.

If you are a dietary vegan, buying hair products that align with your lifestyle is even more important. You don’t want to accidentally purchase animal-derived products if they go against your ethical standards.

Overall, cruelty-free beauty products are good options for ethical consumers. Clean, compassionate ingredients support animal rights as well as human health.


Kavella Volumizing Shampoo


Kavella Volumizing Shampoo 

Look no further if you want to add body and shine to your hair with a gentle volumizing shampoo. The Kavella Volumizing Shampoo includes all of the healthy hair benefits mentioned above while gently adding volume to your hair.

Every Kavella product follows clean beauty standards and supports the environment. The Kavella Volumizing Shampoo is vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. You can support your hair health while upholding your moral standards by purchasing from Kavella.

This shampoo is free of harmful, damaging chemical ingredients. The plant-based additives in Kavella Volumizing Shampoo work to rejuvenate and revitalize your hair and scalp. You will notice more fullness and body in your hair after using this shampoo.

Kavella Volumizing Shampoo is pH balanced to support optimal hair health. With this gentle volumizing shampoo, your hair and scalp will remain in harmonious pH balance.

This product is a weightless sulfate free shampoo that uses science to deliver gentle volumizing effects to your hair. It is also a silicone-free volume shampoo, making it much healthier for your scalp.

You don’t have to worry about product buildup or irritating ingredients. Simply enjoy healthier, shinier, more voluminous hair!

What It Does For Your Hair

So far, you’ve read through a lot of information. Maybe you’re still wondering, “what will this product do for my hair?” There are multiple benefits!

When you use Kavella Volumizing Shampoo, you will notice:

  • Your hair looks fuller and more voluminous
  • Your hair is shiny
  • Your hair feels soft and healthy
  • You experience less hair breakage
  • You experience less scalp itchiness and dryness
  • Your hair has less oil weighing it down
  • Your hair is stronger
  • You don’t have excessive product buildup
  • Your shampoo feels “weightless”

These wonderful qualities will become the normal state of your hair if you use this shampoo consistently. Choose this clean shampoo instead of loading your hair with harsh chemicals and weighing it down with silicone and artificial compounds. 

Science-Based Product

Kavella used the clinical study mentioned earlier in this blog to create the best possible volumizing shampoo. Hydrolyzed rice protein is the star ingredient of this gentle shampoo. This product is based on hair science and clinical research, so you can trust that you are getting an innovative, healthy hair product.

Are you tired of your hair feeling flat and lifeless? Let science win you over! You can experience up to 13.1% more volume after just five washes with the Kavella Volumizing Shampoo. Gentle volume can greatly improve the appearance of your hair. 

“Free-Of” List

It is important to purchase products that align with your moral beliefs as a consumer.

All Kavella hair products are free of:

  • Animal-derived ingredients
  • Sulfates
  • Sodium chloride
  • Silicone
  • Parabens
  • Gluten
  • PEGs
  • Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives
  • Artificial colors
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Ethanolamines

When you buy from Kavella, you take a stand against toxic ingredients and animal cruelty. Kavella is also actively switching to eco-friendly packaging and procedures to support the environment. Support clean, environmentally-friendly beauty with your hair care products.


Use Gentle Volumizing Shampoo


How to Use Gentle Volumizing Shampoo

Everyone’s hair is different, so you may need to take different steps to achieve the volume you want. However, with a gentle volumizing shampoo, the process goes a lot smoother. Always follow the instructions printed on the bottle when you use the shampoo.

In general, you should use your product consistently. It will be difficult to see results without consistent use. You do not need to wash your hair every day, but make sure you use your gentle volumizing shampoo when you do wash it.

The Kavella Volumizing Shampoo will wash away dirt, debris, oil, and product buildup. Since the ingredients are gentle, you don’t have to worry about irritating your skin or damaging your hair. This shampoo is safe to use every day if you wish.

You may notice less lather because this shampoo is free of sulfates, which create a bubbly lathering effect. This does not mean you need more of the product for it to be effective; the same amount of product will cleanse your hair and scalp.

Kavella Volumizing Shampoo does not use harsh cleaning agents, so you will notice less dryness and softer hair after washing. 

Use the Kavella Volumizing Shampoo to cleanse your hair as often as necessary. After getting out of the shower, you can follow your normal volumizing hair routine. The shampoo deposits of proteins and plant-based ingredients will assist you in achieving gorgeous volume.


Ditch the Harsh Hair Chemicals 

Now that you know all about clean, ethical, effective volumizing shampoo, why not make the switch? Your hair and scalp health will dramatically improve once you start using clean, gentle volumizing shampoo instead of chemical-ridden mainstream products.

It can seem difficult to transition from mainstream products to clean, ethical beauty lines. However, once you recognize the impact your purchases make on yourself and the world around you, you can enjoy your clean products to the fullest.

You can support the environment, animal welfare, your hair health, and the clean beauty industry by buying clean hair products. The Kavella Volumizing Shampoo is gentle, free of harmful chemicals, and cruelty-free.

Some clean hair products are a bit pricier than mainstream products. This is because cleaner natural ingredients are more costly than cheap chemical additives.

When you make the switch, you invest in your health and your morals. Not only are you paying for voluminous, full hair, but you are also supporting the impact of clean beauty on the industry.

The price difference is worth gaining all of the benefits of clean hair products. Soothing natural ingredients will keep your scalp free of itchiness, flaking, and discomfort. Volumizing ingredients work together to help your hair look fuller and thicker. You can get the hair you want with Kavella Volumizing Shampoo.

If you want to add gorgeous body to your hair without damaging ingredients, Kavella has you covered. Enjoy your luxurious, soft, shiny, voluminous hair after using the Kavella Volumizing Shampoo!

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