Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use Kavella on my hair if I have a straightening or smoothing treatment? Are your products color-safe?

Yes! All of our shampoos are sulfate and sodium chloride free, and they all fall into an acidic pH range to keep the hair cuticle from lifting and losing color molecules.

Why do you use plastic?

We appreciate that glass is an eco-friendly option, but we don’t use it because of safety issues (slippery hands and shattered glass.) We have used almost exclusively PET plastic instead with your safety in mind. For some products, we have switched from petroleum-based HDPE to HDPE derived from sugarcane, which is a carbon-negative production process! These are also refillable at participating Kavella salons. You can also purchase our eco-friendly gallon sizes to reduce overall plastic usage. 

Are all your products Vegan? What about the Squalane, Lactylate and Lactic Acid? Do you test on animals?

All Kavella products are 100% vegan and are tested on and by hairstylists, never on animals! Unlike squalene which is an animal biproduct, our squalane is derived from olives. Also, our sodium lauryl lactylate, which sounds like lactose, is derived from coconuts and not milk. The Lactic Acid in our products is a pH adjustor and is also not derived from milk, but from fermented corn! We do not use honey, beeswax or silk either. Our products are certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free by PETA as well as Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny.

What is the shelf life of my Kavella product?

Most Kavella products have optimal shelf lives of 2 years. We also recommend using the product within one year of opening the bottle or jar for peak freshness. Although products can be used longer than these recommended shelf lives, there may be changes in the product’s consistency, color or fragrance after 2 years. Some products separate upon standing for long periods of time. This is because we do not use certain stabilizing ingredients in our products, like PEGs. Simply shake to remix the product!

Is your plastic BPA free?

We use PET and HDPE bottles and jars for all of our products which are BPA free.

My pump isn't popping up / My spraying isn't spraying.

Usually when a pump will not open, it is due to the pump unscrewing and becoming loose. Screw the base of the pump back onto the bottle tightly and then try opening the pump again. For sprayers, there may be a clog, or the product may not have been shaken enough prior to spraying. You may run warm water over the sprayer and wipe off to remove any clogs. Our trigger sprayers have a locking button on the spray head, so be sure this is set to the unlock position. If you are experiencing an issue with your packaging, please let us know at! We may replace the product or send you a new pump or sprayer, depending on the issue.

What gives your products that almond scent? Do you have any unscented/hypoallergenic options?

Apricot Kernel Essential Oil, imported from France, is used in most of our products to give them their light almond scent. If you prefer unscented, check out our Healing Tea Shampoo and Conditioner!

Are your products hypoallergenic?

As a plant-based haircare brand, allergic reactions to some ingredients are possible. It is important for those with allergies to look at the ingredient list before purchasing the product. If you have a nut allergy, please the following post: Kavella and Nut Allergies Our dedicated hypoallergenic set is our Healing Tea Shampoo and Conditioner, which are free of nuts, soy, aloe, and fragrances. If you are not sure about a product suitable for your allergy, please drop us an inquiry so we can help!