Dry or Damaged

Nourishing conditioner that seals in moisture

Cleansing and hydrating shampoo for dry hair

Multi-tasking mist to hydrate, detangle and protect

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Bond-building, nourishing hair mask for damaged hair

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Gentle volumizing shampoo for fuller, thicker hair

Styling foam to add volume on all hair textures

Lightweight silicone-free conditioner for fine hair

All-natural spray to give texture to lifeless hair

Toning Shampoos

Sustainable purple shampoo for blonde hair

Toning shampoo for brassy brunettes

Warming red shampoo to keep color fresh

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Scalp Care

Ultra-lightweight and unscented conditioner

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Gentle unscented shampoo for all hair types

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Silicone-free scalp serum for dry scalp or growth

Detoxifying and scalp stimulating herbal shampoo

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Silicone-free styling cream curls or blowouts

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Gentle, pH-balanced wash for hair, scalp and skin

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Deep penetrating, light conditioner for all hair types

Clean, vegan and cruelty-free styling gel