Kavella and Nut Allergies

Nut Allergies

Apricot Kernel Essential Oil

Kavella tells you every ingredient in our products, including all our natural fragrances. We believe you have the right to know, so we never use the word “fragrance” on our bottles.

Most Kavella products have an almond scent, which actually is an imported essential oil derived from apricot kernels, not almonds. Both almonds and apricot kernels contain a natural chemical called benzaldehyde that produces an almondy scent, so be sure to do a patch test if almonds cause you to have skin irritation.

If your almond allergy is severe, consult your allergist before conducting a patch test, or use our Healing Tea Shampoo and Conditioner instead which are hypoallergenic and do not contain nuts or any fragrances.  

Nut Oils

Kavella uses refined nut oils in many of our products which include, but may not be limited to, shea, argan, sweet almonds, hazelnut and coconut. When a nut oil is refined, the chances of the proteins remaining in the oil are low. While allergic reactions to refined oils are rare, they can occur.

If you have a severe nut allergy, it is safer to avoid nut oil completely in all your personal care products.  

Here is a list of Kavella products that are free from nuts, including coconut:

Recovery Mask, Leave-In Recovery Lotion, Intensive Protein Treatment, Volumizing Shampoo, Healing Tea Shampoo, Healing Tea Conditioner, Clarifying Shampoo, Teasing Powder, Volumizing Mousse, Defining Cream, Thermal Primer, Alcohol-Free Hairspray,  Finishing Hairspray, Strong Hold Pourable Gel Purple, Blue, Copper and Red Shampoos Blonde and Brunette Dry Shampoos.


Some people with tree nut allergies are okay with coconuts. Here is a list of additional Kavella products that do contain coconut but not other nuts:

Balanced Shampoo (contains coconut extract) Moisturizing Shampoo (contains coconut extract) Flexible Hold Styling Cream (contains coconut oil) Salty Sugar Texture Spray (contains coconut sugar) Thermal Serum* Recovery Oil Treatment* Moisture Mist**.

*Our Thermal Serum and Recovery Oil Treatment contain Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides (derived from coconut) which may need to be avoided for extreme coconut allergies.

**Peanuts: Our Moisture Mist contains Arachidyl Alcohol and Arachidyl Glucoside which are derived from peanuts. Consult your allergist prior to using products with these ingredients.    


Disclaimer: The information in this post concerns the topic of nut allergies only and does not relate to seed allergies. Kavella uses many seed oils including, but not limited to, grapeseed, baobab, jojoba, abyssinian, sunflower, safflower and camellia seeds. This post is for informational reference only and is not intended to contain or solicit medical advice.

Always consult with a qualified and licensed physician or other medical care provider and follow their advice regardless of anything read on this websiteAlways read the ingredient lists on your products to be sure the ingredients have not changed.

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