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Minimalist Personal Care Can Still Be Luxurious

While minimalism was once associated with home decor, many people are adopting it as a life philosophy. They seek simplicity and authenticity by rejecting consumerism and clutter. You can find social media groups and podcasts dedicated to minimalism.

There’s no area of one’s life that cannot be touched by minimalism. That includes personal care. But what does that mean? Is it possible to be a minimalist while also engaging in a healthy personal care routine?

The answer is yes. You can embrace minimalism in your skin, hair, and beauty routines. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to do so. In fact, you will find yourself adopting more high-end products like luxury shampoo instead of cheaper items. Here are some ways in which minimalism and personal care go together.

What Is Minimalist Personal Care?

Minimalist personal care is an intentional approach to caring for your hair, body, and skin. It emphasizes a reduction in the number of products you use and the waste your routines produce. At the same time, it prioritizes using care items that are high quality and effective and that make you feel good. 

Imagine significantly reducing the number of tubes, jars, and bottles in your bathroom. Now, imagine using the products you buy… until they are gone! No more throwing away wasted products that simply do not work. That’s minimalist personal care.

There’s another aspect to consider, as well. Minimalism in personal care also means simplifying and streamlining routines. Skincare and beauty rituals don’t have to involve a significant amount of your time each day. You can look amazing and have more time to do the things you want to do.

Here’s what minimalist personal care is not. It isn’t about feeling guilty. If there are beauty and skincare rituals that make you feel good, by all means, keep them. 

Also, there’s no need to go without a product you love. Enjoy your luxury shampoo. There are healthy products available that feel amazing and can be incorporated into a minimalist lifestyle.

Minimalism isn’t about being cheap or denying yourself. Yes, you can certainly save money by reducing the number of products you use over time. However, minimalism may lead you to spend money on a select few, quality products. 

That nontoxic conditioner you choose may be more expensive at first, but if it is less damaging than a cheap product from the grocery store, you will save money on deep conditioning treatments.

Why Choose Lower Maintenance Personal Care Routines?

Every new product you buy costs money. If it doesn’t work as intended, or you simply don’t like it, that’s wasted money. Do you have products languishing under your sink in half-full bottles? You’re not alone. Again, each bottle represents money you’ve spent and won’t get back. That’s a terrible return on your investment.

Also, complicated, product-heavy beauty routines take time. If you enjoy the ritual, that’s great. Unfortunately, long personal care routines can mean less time to get adequate sleep, be present for loved ones, or be productive in other ways. 

No, personal care minimalism won’t change your life. However, it can be part of your effort to be more present and intentional. 

Environmentally conscious consumers are also turning toward minimalism in their personal care routines. They are able to reduce the amount of plastic they use and the waste they produce as a result of caring for their skin and hair. This also leads to less clutter and a cleaner bathroom.

That lack of clutter makes it much easier to stay organized. You can achieve that clean, sleek minimalist look that so many people covet. Which would you prefer?

  • A sink and shower area full of half-full plastic bottles
  • Ten or fewer products in high-end or environmentally friendly packaging

Finally, this form of minimalism is easy to adopt, and the rewards are almost immediate. Imagine changing one small aspect of your life and getting more time to do things that are really important to you. That’s in addition to the positive impact on the environment as well as your finances.

Minimalist Personal Care Products and Routines

If you want to incorporate minimalism into your personal care routine, how do you go about it? There’s no “right way” to approach this. Everybody’s needs for skin and hair care are different, and so is the way they present themselves with regard to makeup. Still, there are some helpful tips to follow and things to consider.

Adding Minimalism to Hair and Scalp Care

There is so much negative messaging about hair and scalp care. It’s no wonder many people believe their hair will be greasy, damaged, dry, limp, or even smelly without a complicated haircare ritual. So much money is spent cluttering bathrooms with shampoos, conditioners, rinses, scalp masks, and other products.

Now, imagine that you could simplify your routine and reduce the number of products you use to a few quality items. It’s possible! You don’t need expensive, heavily perfumed products. You can find a quality shampoo for all hair types, then add one or two other natural hair care products. 

Minimalist Shampoo for All Hair Types

One way to simplify your shampoo routine is to replace your soap and shampoo with something simpler. Try a pH-balanced shampoo and body wash.

Yes, it is possible to find a luxury shampoo as part of a professional 2-in-1 shampoo body wash combo. These products don’t have to be cheap, harsh, or imbalanced. 

A product such as Kavella Shampoo + Body Wash is a luxurious, foaming sulfate-free shampoo. This combination contains high quality ingredients that are safe for you and healthy for the panet. It’s perfect for daily use, saves time, and reduces your use of plastics. You can also refill your shower-sized bottle with a gallon size that you can store out of sight.


Balanced Shampoo + Body Wash


Hair Conditioning and Treatment

Some haircare routines are needlessly complicated. They might involve a pre-rinse, shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in. Some even involve using a monthly clarifying shampoo or other expensive treatments.

Instead, consider using a perfectly pH-balanced conditioner. Kavella Balanced Conditioner makes hair look and feel amazing. This acidic conditioner matches the pH of your hair and scalp. It also stands in for any leave-in product you’re currently using.

The benefits of an acidic conditioner include:

  • Less damage and split ends
  • Better texture
  • Hair that is easier to manage

There are other ways to minimize your hair care routine. Get to know your hair and scalp. Then, find a nontoxic conditioner that works for you. For example, if you have medium porosity hair, stick with a medium conditioner. 

It may seem counter intuitive to add products beyond shampoo and conditioner as a minimalist. However, adding simple hair and scalp oil really gives value to your routine. If you have products for oil treatment and scalp care, Kavella Scalp & Hair Oil Treatment also allows you to reduce those to a single bottle.


Takeaway Tips for Hair Care Minimalism

If you’d like to begin reducing the number of products you use and the amount of time you take on your hair care routine, start with these tips.

Take Inventory and Purge

Don’t be afraid to be a bit ruthless here. Generally, it’s best to avoid waste. In this case, throwing things out will help you get started on your path toward minimalism. 

If it’s expired, throw it out. If you have multiples of the same product, discard those as well. Read the labels. Are there ingredients that concern you or do you believe the company doesn’t operate ethically? Into the trash it goes. 

Fortunately, there is a pretty strong connection between ethics and product quality. If you need a nontoxic conditioner, you’re probably going to find that with a cruelty-free brand.

The idea is to get a fresh start. This will give you a nice empty bathroom so you can store only the products you truly need and start your new routine.

List Your Haircare Needs

How much do you really know about your hair? Do you know your curl type and hair texture? How does your hair react to certain ingredients? Write down your hair characteristics and any challenges you face in keeping it healthy. For example:

  • Thick
  • Course
  • Tends to get greasy quickly
  • Curly
  • Tends to break when brushed or combed

The more you know about your hair, the better. This will help you pick a product and identify a routine that gets you the best results quickly.

For example, if you have curly hair, you might choose a foaming sulfate-free shampoo, nontoxic conditioner, a weekly mask for damage repair, and an all-in-one styling cream that softens and provides hold in a single product. If your hair is a bit easier to manage, are you need are a simple shampoo and conditioner combo where the conditioner doubles as a leave-in, such as the Kavella Balanced Conditioner. 

Learn About Product Ingredients

So many haircare products emphasize luxurious-sounding ingredients, but what do you know about them? Learn what different extracts and other elements can do to help your hair and which you should really avoid

For example, an acidic conditioner and a pH-balanced conditioner are essentially the same. Both are balanced with the pH of your hair. You may have also heard that you can benefit from a foaming sulfate-free shampoo, but what does that mean? 

When you understand the ingredients and terminology that beauty companies use, you are better able to select the right products and less likely to be taken in by marketing terms.

Reconsider Your Process

If your haircare routine involves more than two or three steps, consider finding one that is less complex. With the right products, you should be able to wash, condition, and rinse. 

It truly isn’t necessary to engage in a routine that requires long wait times and multiple steps to get out the door. Many people with busy schedules choose a simple, pH-balanced shampoo and body wash to make their morning routine go that much faster.

Find Products that Work for You

When it’s time to restock your haircare products, shop deliberately. Read labels. Research the practices of the manufacturer. Match the ingredients with your haircare needs. 

Also, consider what works for your entire household. Would it be possible to invest in a shampoo for all hair types, instead of purchasing a separate product for every person? What about a luxury shampoo that works for everybody and satisfies household members who are choosy about the products they use?

Finally, read the instructions. Look for products that won’t take too much time to use. Try a pH-balanced shampoo and body wash that will get you out the door sooner. If you are willing to look, there is a wide variety of hair care items to fit any lifestyle.

Minimalist Care for Skin

Minimalist Care for Skin

If you follow beauty influencers on TikTok and Instagram, you’ve probably seen people engaged in 10 to 12-step skincare processes. These methods, like K-beauty, have people convinced that they simply must engage in drawn-out beauty rituals. 

Worse, people are spending hundreds of dollars on facial cleansers, toners, lotions, masks, and creams. The benefits of all of these products are often minimal. They clutter bathrooms and eventually end up in the landfill.

Minimalist beauty rejects all of that consumerism and complexity. Instead, it embraces a back-to-basics approach. It means less stuff, less waste, and less time spent on complex routines. Why wouldn’t you want to adopt a straightforward routine?

  • Cleanse
  • Moisturize
  • Treat

Achieving this level of simplicity can truly have a net positive effect on your life. You’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy when ditching complex routines and expensive products. At the same time, by focusing on care and quality, you will achieve positive results and gorgeous skin.

Here are steps you can take to begin simplifying your skincare routine.

Eliminate and Organize Your Products

Is the space under your bathroom sink full of drugstore skincare products, samples, and various creams you used once? Time to get rid of things. If it’s poor quality, expired, or unused, ditch it. 

Avoid worrying that you are being wasteful. It’s better to start with a clean slate and an empty bathroom counter. You will make up for any waste today with a skincare process that is simple and functional.

Know Your Skin Type

Your skin is a living organ, and it can change over time. Skin that was once oily may become dry and sensitive as you age. Additionally, your skin type is influenced by your lifestyle and habits.

Get to know your skin and the concerns you have. This will help you find products and a daily routine to achieve your skincare goals.

Prioritize Safety and Quality

When you’re ready to replace your skincare products with items that help you become more minimalist, focus on products that:

  • Are free from harsh chemicals
  • Have proven effective
  • Use ingredients that benefit your skin

A skincare company should be proud to show you the ingredients used in their products, along with the benefits of each.

Follow the Right Skincare Influencers

It can be difficult to stick with a new skincare routine. Fortunately, there are influencers who embrace minimalism and give great tips to help inspire your journey. Consider following a few beauty influencers who emphasize simple skincare rituals and healthy products.

Simplifying Makeup

In some ways, wearing makeup can seem like the antithesis of minimalism. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Minimalism is about including things in your life that add value and make you happy. If wearing makeup is something you enjoy, you can still fit that into your life as a minimalist.


Having said that, there are definitely changes you can make to create a simpler routine and use products that are minimalism friendly. Here are some tips

Embrace a Natural Look

Are you spending more than an hour each morning putting on makeup? If so, consider adopting a more natural look for daily wear. You can present a fresh, healthy-looking face that still looks put together without using heavy cosmetics and complicated techniques. Save the contour pencil and smoky eyes for going out with friends.

Consider Permanent Solutions

What if your eyeliner and lip color were applied permanently, or you used microblading to get the eyebrows you’ve always wanted? For a bit of time and investment upfront, you could save yourself a significant amount of stress and hassle in front of the makeup mirror.

Get Products that Can Multitask

Look for cosmetics that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, a cream-based lip tint can also add some color to your cheekbones. Look for a tinted moisturizer with a high SPF instead of layering a foundation on top of a greasy sunscreen.

Give Your Skin a Break

Makeup takes its toll on your skin. Cheap, chemical-laden products are worse, but even high-quality cosmetics can be a bit much. If you create a minimalist makeup routine, don’t eliminate makeup removal.

Even better, try going makeup-free once or twice a week. You’ll get back a bit of extra time, and your skin will have a break from being covered with products.

Embrace Minimalism that Works for You

Embrace Minimalism that Works for You

The best approach to personal care minimalism is to take slow steps you can sustain. Don’t concern yourself with others’ routines or feel shame if you decide to hold onto some products. If you can’t live without your favorite bottle of medium conditioner, you haven’t somehow failed at minimalism.

You may also find that you are better able to reach your goals if you focus on a single area instead of making sweeping changes. Try to reduce your hair care products to a luxury shampoo, medium conditioner, and weekly deep conditioner. Once you’ve found the value in saving time on your hair care routine, move on to another habit.

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