Should You Be Using Volumizing Products?

Should You Be Using Volumizing Products?

Not sure if using our Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner is right for your hair type?

Check out these tips below:

Our Volumizing Shampoo is great for:

🌟Normal to fine hair that needs a volume boost

🌟Oily hair that may not feel super clean after a very gentle shampoo

🌟Anyone who uses a lot of styling products or dry shampoos regularly and needs a shampoo that cleanses better, so you can get that fresh, clean feeling every day without having to clarify very often (especially useful when styling products are used at or near the root!) .

Our Volumizing Conditioner is great for:

🌟Fine hair when "normal" or "moisturizing" conditioners are too heavy

🌟When you like to use conditioner all the way to the root and need something weightless

🌟When you prefer silicone-free products

🌟When you are working on detoxifying your hair from synthetic buildup, but you are still in need of some conditioning after you clarify.

🌟Doubles as a leave-in, just like all our conditioners! So if rinsing out is too light and not conditioning enough for your ends, just add a dab back in your hair while it's wet wherever needed.

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